[HACK] CSR Profile Fix for: CSR Racing v1.2.8 + CSR Classics v1.0.3 (iOS Only)

CSR Profile Fix for:
CSR Racing v1.2.8 + CSR Classics v1.0.3

DiDA – sinfuliphone.com (For the tutorial)

Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken iDevice.
Java (x86 or x64): http://www.java.com

Hack Features:
Unlimited Cash
Unlimited Gold

1. Download csrprofilefix according to your OS from here:
Download CSR Profile Fix

2. Close CSR and make sure it’s not running in multitask.
3. Using iFunbox navigate to: CSR (Racing)(Classics)/Library/Caches/pp
Note: Make a backup of this file just in case.
4. Extract the “userxxxxxxxx” to your Desktop for easier access.
5. Open CSRProfileFix.

Note: csrprofilefix requires Java installed to run properly. Install java from http://www.java.com
I don’t know if it works on Mac OS X and Linux but please TRY it yourself

6. Click “Open” at the top left corner and find where you saved the “userxxxxxxx

7. After opening your profile, change the “caea” & “goea” to your desired amount. (e.g 9999999) This is the amount of Cash & Gold you will have.

8. After choosing your amount. Click CSR Racing Write Profile if your “userxxxxxxxx” is from CSR Racing. Click CSR Classics Write Profile if your “userxxxxxxxx” is from CSR Classics.
9. Now copy back the modified “userxxxxxxxx” to /Library/Caches/pp of the game you are hacking. (E.g CSR Racing/Library/Caches/pp).
10. Replace the modified file with the old one and start the game.
11. Enjoy the game

DiDA – sinfuliphone.com (For the tutorial)

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